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1 CPU Core 1 GB RAM 30 GB SSD Unlimited Bandwidth
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2 CPU Cores 2 GB RAM 50 GB SSD Unlimited Bandwidth
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4 CPU Cores 4 GB RAM 80 GB SSD Unlimited Bandwidth
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4 CPU Cores 8 GB RAM 120 GB SSD Unlimited Bandwidth
monthly $



6 CPU Cores 16 GB RAM 160 GB SSD Unlimited Bandwidth
monthly $


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FREE Weekly Backup

You no longer have to worry about losing data. We regularly back up your information every week.

FREE 24/7 Premium Support

We do not charge for calls, support, informational and normal calls. We are here for you.

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Very fast and precise at customer support

Marko Lazović (SRB)

Been in the bussines for a long time, havent seen a better web hosting in a long time

Jeremic Jovan (SRB)

This product is great! For such a low price I couldn't resist at first, but what has me coming back is the quality! Would definitely refer to my friends.

Lazar Toskovic (SRB)

Cloudteh customer service is remarkable! They gave me a great price for hosting my blog and answered all of my questions fully and made sure I understood everything.

Jelena Dulic (SLO)

I have multiple websites hosted on shared hosting and one VPS for 2 years, and so far the uptime is 100%, this guys are doing really good job.

Shane Markovic (SRB)

One of the best!!! This guys are profesionals!

Goran Grujic (GER)

Great hosting and client service.

Mladen Majdevac (SRB)

Server up-time is great, support is very responsive and kind. I manage several websites here and everything is good, no problems. Easy setup and fast delivery.

Stefan Marjanov (SRB)

Been using ssd web hosting and cloud linux vps services for a long time, would definitely recommend to everyone. Amazing support available for advices, extremely reliable, you get more than you bargained for. These guys do what they advertise!

Aleksandar Marinkovic (UKR)

I am satisfied with the services it provides CloudTeh. I would like to highlight the good will of their technical support to help quickly, even for some things that are not within their jurisdiction.

Jovan Čabrilo (SRB)

Amazing Web Hosting and cheap hosting ever.I was thinking to buy hosting at high rate but then meanwhile i saw cloudteh Web Hosting and i came to know that it is awesome company and i love in it.
Keep it up

Muhammad Fraz (PAK)

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The main advantages of a virtual private server

The biggest issue with ordinary shared web hosting is that more users share the same resources. If at some point a suser occupies an oversized part, all users suffer. Website is crashing, application is not available, slowing everything down...

With a virtual private server, you do not have this problem. Even though you are on one physical server with multiple VPS, you get your own independed space, independent resources and freedom.

In addition, the biggest advantage of a virtual private server is the complete scalability of resources. As your needs grow with the business, you can add on-the-fly resources you need without having to restart the server.

What the services of a virtual private server VPS cover

Linux OS Installation

OpenVZ virtualization. Possible Linux distributions: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Scientific, SUSE, Ubuntu

Advanced DDoS Protection

Securing all layers of the network up to 600 gbps (only a few higher-power attacks than ever in the world have happened)

FREE Weekly Backup

We keep all your information in a separate, extremely secure location. They are available to you at any time.

There is an integrated control panel on our portal through which you can easily:

  • Change / set primary IP address
  • Change hostname for VPS
  • Access VPS via SSH
  • Change the root password
  • Install the OS an unlimited number of times
  • You can start / shut down / restart the VPS
  • Access VPS via VNC (if not via SSH)
  • Back up the VPS and restore that backup

And with that you get more:

  • You start VPS in rescue mode
  • Pre-defined Bash scripts
  • Monitoring resource utilization so you always know the current state of affairs
  • Checking VPS status records
  • Monitoring of running processes
  • Monitoring VPS Tasks

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